Kiteboarding's first 

lifestyle brand



We spend our lives at the whim of wind forecasts and will manage our families, jobs, holidays around where it is or could be blowing.  It transcends all ages, genders, abilities.  Kiteboarding becomes life for us.

Simply we wanted clothes that reflected our kiting lifestyle but nothing really exists outside of gear branded stuff.  We figured there were other kiteboarders across the world wanting the same, SO we did it ourselves for us and the like-minded kiteboard community.

4 lines, no matter what gear you ride is something every kiteboarder has in common.  The name FOURLINES was created by our local crew so we could share the stoke with each other.  It is our hope that through FOURLINES apparel we can connect the like-minded, the passionate, and promote the kiteboarding lifestyle.


See everyone on the water.