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2023 competition DETAILS



Live Race - One race which will test kiters skills, tactics and endurance + everyone will need a little luck with the mass race start of up to 60 kiters! To win or even just finish the race, each kiter must complete the 20-30km (3 laps) course no matter if it’s a bluebird sunny day or white-out snow squall.

Virtual Race - Same race course will be set for racers to make their laps over a 2-week window of time. Race times will be submitted virtually via Strava GPS tracking. Same race but with a mass start!! (To be held if conditions & circumstances allow)

Endurance - Simply the most laps around the course consecutively. The last 2 winners completed over 20 laps & spent hours on the course!

Freestyle Video Submission - Showcase the freestyle side of snowkiting. Participants can submit their best quick vids (5-20 seconds) for the following categories:

  • Best jump/trick

  • Best rail hit

  • Most entertaining



The competition window will start February 17th and close March 4th, 2023. Participants can freely run the set course and track with the Strava appexcept when the Live Race is scheduled (Yellow & Green light start). Video entry submission deadline is March 3rd, 2023.


On the frozen Ottawa River at Britannia Beach in Ottawa, Ontario.


Open to all kiteboarders and winter kite disciplines ei. Ski and snowboard, LEI and foil kites.  

2021 & 2022 race had over 80 competitors each!

2020 race SOLD-OUT its 50 competition spots!

Age Requirement: 19+


The SNOWKITE SQUALL was developed by Fourlines as an active way to bring the kiteboarding community together locally, provincially and nationally.


  • Complete 3 course laps at anytime, in any direction, over the competition window using the Strava app to track your laps & times, edit your race start & stop within the app, save it, then share via email to  Race and submit as much as you like.

  • Race divisions:

    • Ski with foil kite​ (3 laps)

    • Snowboard with foil kite (3 laps)

    • Ski with LEI kite (3 laps)

    • Snowboard with LEI kite (3 laps)

    • Men's & women's divisions 

    • Endurance (most consecutive laps)

  • Ride must be submitted using this form with 24 hours:​


  • Create a 5-20 second video of you snowkiting for one of the three video categories (jump/trick, rail hit, or most entertaining).  

  • Ride must be posted on Instagram and tag @fourlines_kite

  • Ride must be submitted with instagram user name with this form within 24 hours:

Competition Requirements

  • Rider must be self-sufficient snowkiting, can ride well both up and downwind.

  • This is a voluntary participation competition, at the riders own risk.  All participants must abide by government mandated rules and laws that apply to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We do not encourage participation outside of those rules and laws. 

  • As this is a voluntary participation competition, Fourlines or anyone associated with the competition is not liable in any form or fashion.  By choosing to participate, you as the participant, do so at your own risk.  We advise to always snowkite with a buddy-system for safety.

  • Every racer must use a Strava account which is required to be active during the race.  Strava will be used to verify course compliance and race times.

  • Helmets and proper IKO standard safety equipment MUST be used.  This includes kite leashes.


Race Rules

  • Individual start at racers' discretion.

  • Racers’ Strava must be started prior to the race, as a KITESURF SESSION activity, and left running during, either phone or smart watch.  The Strava Kitesurf Session should be ended after completion of the race so officials can verify data.

  • Racers must complete X3 laps of the set course, passing on the outside of marker points, then cross the finish line at the completion of the laps.

  • Though it is a race, kiters are expected to maintain good kite etiquette and courtesy whilst on the course.

  • Crashes - It’ll happen, just do your best to get up and moving again quickly and be aware of other kiters that may be around you.

  • Kiters will race at their own risk (including equipment).

  • Helmets and proper IKO standard safety equipment MUST be used.  This includes kite leashes.

  • Giv’r but have fun!


  • Any wind over the competition window can be utilized to race.  

  • We are not liable in anyway for accidents or injuries resulting directly or indirectly through participation in any manner.

*Prize purse to be finalized prior to event start.

**Competition may be altered at any time.

***Prize categories determined by Fourlines.



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